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Two Irish Catholic brothers become vigilantes and wipe out Boston's criminal underworld in the name of God.

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original title: The Boondock Saints

genge: Action,Crime,Thriller



duration: 1h 48min

tags: And shepherds we shall be, for thee, my lord, for thee.

budget: $7,000,000

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Two Irish Catholic brothers become vigilantes and wipe out Boston's criminal underworld in the name of God. Irish brothers Connor & Murphy McManus live and work in Boston. Feeling that God's will to rid Earth from all human Evil was given to them as a mission, they set out to do their divine deed. A public outcry is never heard, and even FBI agent Paul Smecker, who follows their trace of bloodshed, admits that the boys are doing exactly what he secretly always has wished to happen. Risking their lives for their beliefs of Veritas (truth) and Aequitas (justice), the Boondock Saints are hyped by the public, for they are doing good, which only few dare to admit. There is something about combining dirty accents and guns that can make anyone cool. The ending and a couple scenes could of been a little more eventful, but other than that, it was a great movie. The brothers or "the Saints" were played by Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus. These two were just the meaning of cool. There were some side characters also who really knew how to to act. One in general is Willem Dafoe. He really took control of his character. Now Billy Connolly was in it shortly too and he was also pretty good even though he did get a big speaking part. The movie combines killing with the Lord. The only people the Saints are killing though are bad Mafia type guys. Once they are done, they say a prayer in their native language and put pennies on their eyes laying them to rest. Like a good guy, bad guy feel. The way the movie was filmed was fantastic. They would show the dead bodies killed by the Saints, then Willem Dafoe would say, "this is how it happened" leading into a flashback showing everything. The movie added some humor also because of the way people got killed. Nothing started right for the Saints, but in the end they did end up killing the guys they needed. The weak minded towards bad language would not enjoy the film because it has some pretty crude dialog, but it does fit well with the film if you know the culture. Overall, this film almost makes you want a gun for the Boondock Saints makes it look so easy to use one. But probably wouldn't be a good thing. I was wondering the same thing when I first heard the title. I like to consider my self a fairly knowledgeable movie goer and was shocked when i saw The Boondock Saints because I had never heard of it and it was so good. I thought of possible reasons of why the film had never been heard of and the first thing that came to mind was that it was a box office flop. I had trouble believing this because i enjoyed it so much, but I checked on it anyway. It turns out that The Boon Dock Saints was released only a few months after the Columbine school shooting. Unfortuneatly for the people behind it's making, it did end up flopping becasue no one wanted to watch a movie about people judging evil and taking action against it in their own hands.

Although the movie title sounds religious and the brothers to get their orders from God, most of the religious references are very subtle. For example: toward the end Rocco looses a finger in a gun fight. After he is captured, the matching finger on his opposite hand his shot off as a form of torture. He is swetty and terrified at the time and he has long, brown, unkempt hair. His appearence and the fact that he has matching wounds on both his hands make him seem a lot like Jesus. Shortly after he looses his second finger, he is shot and killed. The two borthers feel guilty for this becasue they are the reason he was killed...almost like he was dying for their sins. The movie is filled with other small biblical references like this one. I recommend seeing this and I hope you all enjoy. (Duffy's) assembled a fine cast -- it's hard to take your eyes off the two young leads -- but he's given them little to do but squeeze triggers and mouth platitudes. Although the film never explicitly states it, it's pretty clear that Agent Smecker is gay. The fact that he is intimate with another man in the film is pretty clear evidence. He also attends a gay bar for his drinking binge. However, this doesn't stop him from being rather belligerent towards other gay men and calling them 'fag' or 'fairy'. To put it simply the Unrated version features several extended action sequences and bloody shootouts that are missing in the R-rated version of the movie. You can find a detailed comparison between both versions with pictures here. Yes, he is their father. He knows the prayer that was passed down to them from their father and their father's father. He takes the 'In n坦mine Patris' part of the prayer, which means 'In the name of the Father.' The benediction he gives them (raising his hands in the sign of the cross over Murphy and Connor) is only appropriate for a priest...or a parent. Also, at the very end (after the courtroom scene), Connor calls him 'Da'. Il Duce was hired to kill the vigilantes, however, he didn't realize that they were his children, nor did Connor and Murphy realize that Il Duce was their father. It wasn't until Il Duce was about to ambush them at the end, when he overheard them saying their family prayer, that he obviously realized would be too much of a coincidence for someone else to know. Also, he knew he fathered twin sons; they just haven't seen each other for about 25 years. In the opening of the film, the brothers are in church praying when the priest begins talking about a victim named Kitty Genovese who was killed a long time ago in the middle of day and everyone watched but did not respond and about the indifference of good men towards evil. After hearing this, Connor states, "I do believe the monseigneur's finally got the point", to which Murphy responds, "Aye." Later on, its Saint Patrick's day and the brothers are at a bar drinking when three Russian gangsters come in and state that they will close the bar, but the brothers don't allow them, to which a fight begins between them, to which the Russians are left badly wounded. As the brothers rest in their apartment, the Russians come back and threaten the brothers. Connor is handcuffed to a toilet while Murphy is taken outside to be shot in the head. Connor, out of rage, breaks the toilet apart and throws it down the complex and hits the Russian, killing him. Connor jumps on the other Russian, to which Murphy finishes him off. The brothers go to the police station to prove that it was self-defense. Meanwhile, the police let them stay in a holding cell to avoid the media. While sleeping, water falls from the crack of the ceiling onto their bodies, symbolizing baptism and forgiven sin. The brothers realize this and say to each other, "Destroy that which is evil so that which is good may flourish." The brothers take the money and jewelry they took from the Russians they encountered and buy guns. Seeing all the sin that has went on, violence, drug use, rape, thievery, they swear that they will execute all evil men who have done sin in order that peace and goodness can be restored and evil can be stopped. On Murphy's hand it says "Veritas" meaning Truth and on Conner's hand it says "Aequitas" meaning Justice


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